Molten Salts Laboratory

Research Fields top

Electrochemistry of molten salts and ionic liquids:
  • Physico-chemical properties of ionic liquids (density, viscosity, electrical conductivity)
  • Electrodeposition of metals from ionic liquids
Physical chemistry of materials:
  • Structure and properties :transport( diffusion coefficients, electrical conductivity, density), thermodynamic properties(phase change temperatures, enthalpies, thermal conductivities) and their applications
  • Thermal (DSC) and structural (Raman and IR) characterization of the TiB2-borate glass and epoxy-PEG composites.
Environmental protection:
  • Storage of solar, geo and residual energies in phase change materials (PCM) at low temperatures (<70ºC)
  • Industrial waste vitrification and physico-chemical characterization of synthetic glasses with compositions reproducing the vitrified industrial ones.
  • Obtaining of new nanocomposite materials with applications in green houses
Obtaining and characterization of bio-vitroceramics layers on metallic substrates with applications in implantology.

Research Team top

Dr. Nicolae Ene, senior researcher 1, Head of Department
Dr. Mircea Corneliu Olteanu, senior researcher 1, Scientific Secretary;
Dr. Mariella Constantinescu, senior researcher1
Dr. Mirela Britchi, senior researcher 1;
Dr. Ana Maria Popescu, senior researcher 2;
Dr. Maria Elena Anghel, senior researcher3;
Dr. Petrica Mircea Pavel, senior researcher 3;
Dr. Constantin Virgil, senior researcher 3;
Dr. Cristina Donat, senior researcher 3;
Viorica Simona Petrescu, research assistant, PhD student;
Alina Stoica, research assistant, PhD student,
Elena Ionela Neacu, research assistant, PhD Student,
Technical laboratory team:
Maria Pilescu
Elena Pataliu
Elena Ene

Research Facilities top 
  • Advanced Electrochemical System (Princeton Applied Research) PARSTAT 2273
  • Complex Thermo analyzer DTG-DTA-DSC SETARAM EVO 16 coupled with the TCITM  Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.
  • PH-meter Inolab WTW
  • Conductivimeter WTW