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Research Fields top

1. Phase equilibria and reaction mechanism in oxide systems, of interest in the I.F.eld of SnO2-based semiconductors, Bi2O3-based superconductors and ionic conductors, Al2TiO5-based ceramics, Nb2O3-based dielectrics, LaCoO3 and hexagonal ferrites, LaGaO3-based ionic conductors

2. Correlation between structure and properties of vitreous systems, the chemical and thermal properties of the glasses are under evaluationmainlyin vitreous systems containing PbO and ZrO2, of interest for waste inertization, optical application and coatings. A special attention is given to vitreous systems that reproduce ancient glasses.

3. Oxide systems obtained by sol-gel/wet chemical methods devoted to study of the chemistry of the processes and to preparation of oxide and hybrid vitreous and nanostructured materials, as:

  • mono- and polycomponent I.F.lms - (TiO2, SiO2, SnO2, ITO, Al2O3, HfO2, LiCoO2, ZnO)
  • mono- and polycomponent powders -  (Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, MgO, Fe2O3, ZrO2, CeO2, MoOx, V2O5, MnO2,  LaCoO3, LaGaO3, SnO2, ZnO)
  • oxide and hybrid nanocomposites of different types, based on SiO2 or hybrid matrices. Enzymes, fullerene, dyes, polysaccharides, pesticides, oxides were embedded in such matrices
  • oxide nanotubes – TiO2, SiO2

Research Team top

Dr. Maria Zaharescu - Head of Department

Scientific staff:
Dr. Dorel Crisan
Dr. Maria Crisan
Dr. Susana Mihaiu
Dr. Nicolae Dragan
Dr. Victor Fruth
Dr. Malina Raileanu
Dr. Monica Popa
Dr. Oana Catalina Mocioiu
Dr. Irina Atkinson
Dr. Luminita Predoana
Dr. Cristina Stan
Dr. Ligia Todan
Ph.D. Student Adriana Rusu
Ph. D. Student Alexandra Toader
Ph. D. Student Ecaterina Tenea
Ph. D. Student Silviu Preda
Ph. D. Student Cristian Andronescu
Ph. D. Student Jeanina Pandele Cusu
Ph. D. Student Georgeta Tãnase

Technical laboratory team:
Valentin Toma
Lucian Anghelache
Laura Mitran

Research Facilities top

  • Thermogravimetric and termodiferential analysis apparatus Mettler Toledo GA/SDTA851e and the possibility of coupling DSC823e
  • X-ray diffraction apparatus Rigaku last IV
  • Apparatus for determining specific surface aria BET TYPE NOVA
  • SOLARTRON 1260A, impedance spectroscopy measurements cell with controlled temperature and atmosphere - ProboSTAT, vertical furnace 12000C, controller temperature Eurotherm 2216e.
  • NETSCH Dilatometer to 16000C
  • Apparatus FT-IR Spectrometer NICOLET 6700
  • High temperature furnaces (up to 1650 C), programmable
  • Microscop TEM Tecnai G2 F30 S-Twin
  • Microscop SEM Quanta 3D FEG D9399