Electrochemistry and Corrosion Laboratory home

Research Fields top

  • New hybrid and composite materials obtained by electrochemical immobilization of active micro and nanoparticles (metals, oxides, azamacrocycles, carbon nanotubes) in conducting polymer matrices
  • The interaction electrocatalyst-substrate as a key factor in improving the overall activity of noble metal-based electrode materials
  • Electrochemical methods for obtaining new polymeric enzyme substrates and biocatalysts for fuel cells
  • Detection of some toxic compounds on carbon-supported hybrid electrode materials
  • Modeling the behavior of advanced nanostructured biomaterials in physiological fluids
  • Environmentally friendly polymeric and multilayer coatings for corrosion protection

Research Team top

Dr. Eugen Roman - Head of the Department
Dr. Mihai V. Popa
Dr. Nicolae Totir
Dr. Ecaterina Vasilescu
Dr. Paula Drob
Dr. Nicolae Spataru
Dr. Tanta Spataru
Dr. Florentina Branzoi
Dr. Maria Marcu
Dr. Cecilia Lete
Mariana Marin
Cristina Anghel
Cora Vasilescu
Loredana Preda


Research Facilities top

  • Electrochemical equipment Voltalab 80 PGZ 402
  • Corrosion test cabinet DCTC 600P
  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat/FRD PAR 273A
  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat AUTOLAB
  • Potentiostat AUTOLAB with Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance
  • FTIR spectrometer
  • Metallurgical/Metallographic microscope
  • Autolab Potentiostat 302N