Research Fields top

1. Kinetics of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions

  • 1.1. Fast gas-phase reactions: homogeneous hydrocarbon oxidation
    • (i) Studies of ignition and propagation of premixed hydrocarbon-air flames, in deflagration regime (flammability conditions, critical conditions for local explosion initiation by electric sparks and by hot bodies, characteristic parameters of flame propagation in closed and in vented vessels: explosion pressures, explosion times, rates of pressure rise, severity factors, normal burning velocities)
    • (ii) Selfignition of hydrocarbon-air gaseous mixtures (critical conditions for selfignition, induction periods of selfignition)
  • 1.2. Thermal hazards of solid compounds decomposition: studies of potentially explosive organic derivatives decomposition under isothermal and non-isothermal heating regimes.

2. Kinetics of gas-solid interaction

  • 2.1. Heterogeneous catalysis
    • (i) Selective oxidation of hydrocarbons on oxide catalysts: Molybdenum-based oxide catalystss for selective oxidation and ammoxidation; Tin dioxide catalysts.
    • (ii) Catalytic combustion of hydrocarbons.
  • 2.2. Dynamics of oxide surfaces during adsorption/desorption/reaction. Role of hydration-dehydration, in relation with dynamics of surface acidity.
  • 2.3. AC electrical conductivity/dielectric measurements in operando conditions as tools for surveying adsorption/desorption/reaction on oxides. Protonic conduction.
  • 2.4. Supported catalysts
    • (i) The role of electrical properties of the support in controlling surface behavior of supported oxides.
    • (ii) Electrical and dielectric properties of titania, ceria, silica and alumina supported catalysts.
    • (iii) Supported noble metal catalysts (Pt,Pd). Moisture facilitated hydrogen spillover.
  • 2.5. Chemical sensing with semiconductor oxides. Tin dioxide based catalytic sensors

Research Team top

     Dr. Domnina Razus - Head of Department
     Dr. Niculae Ionescu
     Dr. Maria Mitu
     Dr. Georgeta Postole
     Dr. Adina Musuc
     Dr. Codina Movileanu
     Dr. Venera Branzea
     Dr. Cristian Hornoiu
     Vasile Gosa
     Mariana Scurtu
     Cornel Munteanu
     Paul Chesler
     Veronica Bratan
     Anca Vasile
     Daniela Negoescu

Research Facilities top

    • Gas Chromatograph Perkin-Elmer type Clarus 500.
    • Gas Chromatograph SRI Instruments type 8610C
    • UV-VIS Spectrometer Perkin-Elmer Lambda 35
    • Digital oscilloscopes Tektronix, 100 MHz, 2 and 4 channels, respectively
    • Impedance Analyzer Wayne-Kerr
    • 2 home-made catalytic testing installations provided with mass flow controllers ( 3 separate lines), on-line GC and RLC bridges ( Hioki)
    • Vacuum equipment, BOC-Edwards
    • Measuring equipment of pressure during fast oxidation processes (explosions in gas phase), Kistler (Pressure Transducers, Charge Amplifiers)
    • EPR Spectrometer Varian