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  • Correlation between solid surface reactivity and adsorption states and structural and electronic properties of solid-gas as well as solid-liquid interfaces
  • Various solids (such as mixed oxides, metal and semiconductor single crystals, thin films) are studied by different techniques: work function variation, cyclic voltammetry, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and electron spectroscopy.
  • Fractal analysis is utilized to correlate adsorption properties and SEM, TEM, AFM and STM micrographs.
  • Adsorption on well-defined oxide surfaces is investigated via ab initio and semiempirical quantum calculations.
  • Synthesis of composite materials (with micro and macro pore size, obtained by the incorporation of metallic and organic species or polymers in the molecular sieves structures)
  • Characterization and testing of catalytic activity.
  • Study of catalytic oxidation on oxidic materials (mixed spinelic oxides, perovskites, zeolites) based on temperature programmed reduction and desorption, chemisorption and various catalytic tests.
  • Nonuniformity kinetic models are investigated in relationship to structural sensitivity of catalytic reactions.
  • Model nano-sized metal supported catalysts for light hydrocarbon partial oxidation.

Research Team top

Dr. Mariuca Gartner
Dr. Valentina. Lazarescu
Dr. Petre Osiceanu Book 2009
Dr. Vlad Popa
Dr. Viorica Pârvulescu
Dr. Ioan Balint
Dr. Gianina Dobrescuscu
Dr. Viorel Chihaia
Dr. Victor Georgescu
Dr. Papa Florica
Dr. Mihai Anastasescu
Dr. Mirela Enache
Dr. Somacescu Simona
Dr. Rareş Scurtu
Fangli Iudit
Dascalu Izabella
Crina Anastasescu, PhD Student
Marin Alexandru Horia - PhD Student
Ghita Adrian, PhD Student
Tudor Ana Maria, PhD Student

Technical laboratory team:
Penea Cornelia
Ionita Cristian
Calina Stela
Grigore Georgeta
Dinca Ion
Gingasu Ion
Petrica Radu
Raducanu Angela
Talmaciu Maria

Research Facilities top

Technique Instrument Acronym Contact Room Photo
UV-VIS-NIR EllipsometryWoollamSEmfgartner@yahoo.com135
IR EllipsometryWoollamSEmfgartner@yahoo.com135
Atomic Force MicroscopyNanoSurf EasyScan 2AFMmanastasescu_ro@yahoo.com135
Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyNanoSurf EasyScan 2STMmanastasescu_ro@yahoo.com135
Spin Coater 19.000 rpmLot Oriel Series SCISpin Coatermfgartner@yahoo.com131
CentrifugeHETTICH ROTANTA 460Centrifugemfgartner@yahoo.com131
PhotoreactorPhotochemical ReactorsPhotoreactoribalint@icf.ro124
Gas ChromatographModel 910Buck Scientificibalint@icf.ro124
Scanning Electron, josecalderonmoreno@yahoo.com133
UV-VIS SpectroscopyJascoUV-VISvpirvulescu@icf.ro133
IR SpectroscopyBuck M500IRvpirvulescu@icf.ro159
DSC MicrocalorimetrySetaramμDSCvtpopaAtgmail.com58
Titrare potentiometrica pH-statRadiometerTitraLabvtpopaAtgmail.com58
Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyZahner IM6EISvlazarescu@icf.ro124
Controlled Intensity Modulated Photo SpectroscopyZahner CIMPSCIMPSvlazarescu@icf.ro124
Physisorption for B.E.T. Surface Area and Pore Volume, TPR / TPD Quantachrome ChemBet-3000B.E.Tvgeorgescu@icf.ro132
High Performance Computing Blade Clusters for Material ScienceBlade Center EnvironmentCluster Computingvchihaia@icf.rox