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    "We who are in the field of thermodynamics and thermochemistry are most fortunate in working in a science that is basic to the behaviour of all matter in the universe"

    - Excursion in chemical thermodynamics, from the past into the future -

    Frederick D. Rossini (1899-1991)

  • Research Fields

Research Fields top

1. Solid State Thermodynamics. High-Temperature (700 - 1600 oC) Phase Transformations.
  • Thermodynamics of the condensed systems in pure phases and at the equilibrium between phases. Phase diagrams.
  • Thermodynamics of micro and nanostructured materials with special electrical and magnetic properties (semiconductors, mixed conductors, SOFC components, feroics, multiferoics, catalysts, composite materials)
  • -Thermodynamics of the nonstoichiometric oxides (thermodynamics of the defect structure in the transitional metal oxides; experimental measurements and validation of the theoretical models)
  • Applications: Solid electrolytes; Electrochemical sensors; SOFC with solid electrolyte; Nanomedicine)

2. Vapour-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Phase Equilibria. Termophysical Properties.

  • Vapour-liquid equilibria (VLE) measurements for organic mixtures at low and normal pressures; application to separation processes
  • Gas solubility measurements in high boiling point liquids; application to supercritical fluid technology
  • Vapour-liquid equilibria measurements in systems with chemical reaction; application to reactive separation processes
  • Liquid-liquid equilibria (LLE) measurements for binary and ternary systems at normal pressure
  • Thermophysical properties measurements for pure liquids and mixtures at atmospheric and high pressures
  • Thermodynamic modelling and processing of experimental thermodynamic data
  • Thermodynamic properties of aqueous electrolyte solutions with or without organic component. Modelling of the activity coefficients

3. Thermochemical characterization of the biological interest compounds.

  • Thermochemical characterization of the biological interest compounds (amino-acids, peptides, proteins etc) as basical compounds and models for a better understanding of living organisms
  • The thermochemistry of gamma irradiated biological interest compounds (amino-acids)
  • Thermodynamics of binding interactions (ligand – proteins, ligand-cyclodextrin)
  • Applications in Nanomedicine

Research Team top

Dr. Speranta Tanasescu - Head of the Department

Scientific staff:
Dr. Alexandru Barhala
Dr. Iulia Contineanu
Dr. Mariana Teodorescu
Dr. Dana Dragoescu
Dr. Florinela Sirbu
Dr. Ana Neacsu
Dr. Cornelia Alina Marinescu
Dr. Cristina Silvia Stoicescu
Dr. Florentina Maxim
Romica Sandu
Ancuta Mihaela Sofronia
Florina Teodorescu
Daniela Gheorghe (Chiscan)
Ioana Leontina Gheorghe
Andreea Neacsu
Alina Botea-Petcu

Ph.D. students:
Cristina Rusti
Parmena Filip
Ion Alexandrfu Milea
Sorin Gabriel Grecu
Mircea Hritac

Technical laboratory team:
Mihai Vasile
Tanase Manuela
Stoasa Liliana


Research Facilities top

1. Electrochemical Workstation (Surface Plasmon Resonance - SPR Esprit Autolab, Potentiostat/Galvanostat 1287A Solartron Analytical, Frequency Response Analyser FRA 1255A  Solartron Analytical, Probostat Norecs, software: CorrWare, CorrView, ZPlot, Zview)
2. Equipment Precision LCR Meter
3. Setaram SetSys DSC-TG/DTA Equipment (ambient -1750o C)
4. Complementary system for thermal analysis apparatus (FT / IR, MS)
5. Equipment for characterization of biomolecules and nanoparticles structure
6. Perkin-Elmer Semimicro calorimeter of combustion and accessories
7. Perkin-Elmer Differential scanning microcalorimeter (DSC) Subambient System
8. Microcal Nano-iTC200 Isothermal titration calorimeter (2-80°C)
9. NanoDSC, TA Instruments (-10 ºC to 130 ºC)
10. Setaram Calvet Calorimeter C80 for heat of mixing and reaction and high pressure systems up to 1000 bar
11. Setaram Drop Calorimeter MHTC-96 (ambient - 1600 oC)
12. Varian Cary 300 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with thermostating
13. Equipment for preparation and analysis of protein solutions
14. Anton Paar Densimeter + high pressure system
15. Anton Paar Micro-Viscosimeter and Abbemat Refractometer
16. Fischer Labodest 602/D Apparatus for the vapor-liquid equilibrium
17. Clarus 600 gas chromatograph with FID and TCD detectors